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Jersey Wanderers & EPL Coaching Keepy-Uppy Challenge


01 May 2020

While many of us will sail through the Covid-19 crisis unharmed, there will be many who will be adversely affected by a significant degree. The crisis has helped pull the community closer together in some ways but we can do more to help those in need due to the economic, social and mental impact it will have on them. Jersey Wanderers FC and EPL Coaching would like to add to the growing number of support initiatives to raise funds for The Shelter Trust and other local charities in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis through our 'Keepy-Uppy Challenge'.

The challenge is open to anyone and everyone to take part, whether you are affiliated to the club or not, but we want all our Wanderers, young and old, to get involved and get raising money by donating £1 for every 1 to 10 consecutive keepy-ups they or their child can do and then ask friends and family to match that donation. For example: 1 to 10 keepy-ups = £1, 11 to 20 keepy-ups = £2, 21 to 30 keepy-ups = £3 and so on. My (30 year old) personal best is 316. If I got that again that would be mean a personal donation of £32 - and then I'll get my mum to donate the same! Got it? Good, now get juggling...

You can have as many goes as you like and just donate for your best effort. Struggling to get as many keepy-ups as you would like? Why don't you add all your goes up and make a donation that equals the total. There are no hard rules here. It's just a great way to raise money for a great cause while practicing your ball skills during lockdown.

So go on, give it your best shot. We would love to see how you get on, so why not post videos of your efforts on the Jersey Wanderers Minis and Juniors or EPL Coaching Facebook pages.

Good Luck

PS: We hope to be able to donate to various local charities including The Shelter Trust but who and how much will depend on what we can raise. If you want to know more about where your money is going to email Paul c/o