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17 Aug 2020

It’s great that we are back playing football but we must all be aware that Covid 19 hasn’t gone away and there are some constraints, rules and regulations that we must adhere to if we are to successfully get back to a competitive programme of matches.

Given the low known number of cases of Covid-19 in the Island, the likelihood of a participant contracting Covid-19 from partaking in a JTC Jersey Wanderers F.C. training session or match is therefore low; however, the potential consequences are considerable for the individual in question and the club.

It is therefore essential that Managers, Coaches, Players, Club Members and Supporters are fully aware of the limitations that apply and what we need to do as a Club and individuals to ensure we provide a safe environment.

Of particular note are the following restrictions:

  1. All games at JTC Park are limited to 40 attendees, including players. We have therefore decided that matches will be played “behind closed doors” and that spectators cannot attend games.
  2. With the exception of Senior Teams, changing rooms will not be in use and players should arrive in their kit, ready to play.
  3. Players must bring their own water bottles. The sharing water bottles is not permitted.
  4. Toilets will be open but with restricted access. Showers will be closed.
  5. A register of all attendees will be kept for “track and trace” purposes.
  6. Every team is looking to have a designated Covid Officer to manage the regulations.

The information linked below is essential reading for everyone associated with the club. Paper copies can also be found in the Clubhouse.

Covid Lead Check list

Attendance Register

JTC JWFC Risk Assessment

Player Guide Home and Away