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Back to back titles for Wanderers Ladies


13 Mar 2019

After winning the season for first time since 19**, the ladies team were on a high from celebrating such a successful season in 2017/18, taking the league title early on.

Coming into this season we lost around 9 players due to a combination of university, college, travelling and to rival clubs. We worked hard to attend training as we had to almost start from scratch without some very key players.

We got off to an extremely unsuccessful start to the season by losing our first 3 games resulting in us coming bottom in the Zenith Cup, with no points.

This then gave us the team spirit and determination to work even harder to retain the league title, our main focus of the season. We were forced to change the way we play in order to achieve the success we wanted, and after a few games into the season, we found our rhythm.

We had huge success throughout the season, as did our rivals St Lawrence. Each game we faced against them we drew, up until the penultimate of our games against them where unfortunately we were narrowly defeated. The league title was then to be decided in our very last league game of the season, against St Lawrence. We lead the way through the duration of the season, however, the loss against St Lawrence narrowed down the gap, keeping us just 2 points clear.

The final game of the season took place at JTC Park and unbelievably on what would’ve been Frank ‘Ginger’ Lucas’ birthday. Taking all of this into account, along with St Lawrence beating us in our last meet, we knew we absolutely had to win. It would’ve only taken us a draw to take the title, but after our last defeat, we were determined.

During the season we had players come back from travelling and university which made them available for this game and other earlier games in the season which was a fantastic help for us, however, 3 key players who helped get us to the position we were in, unfortunately, were away.

On this very windswept Sunday morning, we managed to get a 4-0 win over our rivals meaning we took the league title, we were presented with the trophy by Charlie Browne, along with huge support from the club.

All in all we’ve had a fantastic season, which hasn’t been easy, but we have worked for it, planning for every individual game and committing to the team and regular training.

Our season isn’t over just yet, we have the cup final of the Colin Welsh Memorial Trophy on Thursday 18th April and also a Best v The Rest game on the following Thursday, the 25th of April. St Lawrence beat us last season in the Colin Welsh cup final, so we’ll be extremely focused to take victory over them in this game. We also, unfortunately, lost the Best v The Rest game last season, this is a tough game as the league champions play against a combination of the best players from the remaining teams, so we’ll also be training hard the week prior to this to ensure we play our best football against a strong side.

For those who have represented the club for as long as I have, will know what an honour it has been playing for this club all these years and also how long and hard we’ve worked to get where we are. After seasons of struggling to hold down a manager, I believe we have long-standing commitment in our current manager/coach Mark Kelly who has pushed us to do our best every game no matter the score, I think I speak on behalf of the whole team by saying that we can’t thank him enough.

We have a fantastic group of girls within the team now and look forward to many seasons together. On behalf of JTC JWFC Ladies, I’d like to thank the whole club for their constant support and belief in us, it’s been our constant motivation to keep this team going!